Python 201: Continuation from Term2 - Write a Real-World Application

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This is an Intermediate course for Python, and is aimed at learners aged 14 to 17, who have had some exposure to working with Python. In keeping with our ethos of “Learn by doing”, we designed our Python 201 course to enable our students to learn more advanced Python programming by actually building a real-world, useful application. Included in this course is an introduction to the Agile Software Development lifecycle. 

Key topics covered in this course include:

  • Introduction to Software Development Lifecycles
  • Introduction to the Agile SDLC
  • Creating a GUI in Python
  • Handling User Interactions
  • Working with Classes
  • Exception Management
  • Introduction to Object Oriented Python

Learners will be provided with a Python 3 Syntax Cheatsheet and a handy set of Intermediate Python Recipes and Patterns.

This course comprises 8 lessons, conducted in weekly 1-hour live online classes.

NOTE: A solid understanding of Python programming basics is required for this course. Check out our Python 101 and 102 courses!